Designed by Philip Jacobs

Secret Stream is inspired by the River Ember, which was a little willow tree lined river that ran alongside my childhood garden in Surrey in England. It was this river that inspired my love of nature from a very early age. I so loved rowing my wooden boat along the flower strewn banks and under the weeping willow tree. In the collection, I have tried to capture both the creatures and the plants that inspired me. Fish swimming through the cool green depths. Dragonflies and kingfishers. Ducks who often sat around me on the landing stage at the water’s edge. Even the pet turtles that we had as children which escaped into the river to bask on logs in the sun. Then there were so many beautiful flowers that grew along the edges of the riverside meadows, including bluebells, foxgloves and poppies. I hope this collection will take you back to a bygone magical time when life was much simpler inspire your sewing and craft projects with that same magic.SEC

Secret Stream

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